«It always seems impossible, until it’s done» Nelson Mandela


From shared diagnostic to finding a disruptive
co-innovation solution

Positioned at the point where major industrial, technological, economic and environmental challenges intersect, Xcrusher offers industrial companies operating in the environmental, mining, energy and nanoparticle sectors an innovative solution based on its exclusive process.

Our methodology package is structured around:

• Conducting fragmentation, separation and/or crushing tests on your samples.
• Conducting a technical, economic and environmental feasibility study into the application of our process to your products.
• Producing the design data package for a solution-specific prototype.
• Conducting a technical, financial and environmental risk analysis of the proposed solution.
• Producing prototypes.
• Conducting the industrial-scale implementation study.
• Producing turnkey semi-industrial
and industrial machinery.

Our previous experience, research and development expertise, and complex system design and integration skills, our mindset focused on innovation and step change, and our demanding intellectual approach to problem-solving are all values that make an active contribution to collective intelligence.