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An innovative process

Pulsed power technology is based on the principle of delivering electrical energy for extremely short periods (nanoseconds) to obtain megawatt power levels.
The power delivered is converted to mechanical energy in the form of a sonic and subsonic shock wave, electron avalanche, electromagnetic field, etc., which, when applied to the material to be processed, separates it into its component parts.
This is a contactless technology, and is therefore very economical in terms of maintenance costs, because it ensures the long life of the machinery within which it operates. Environmentally friendly since it requires no chemical additives, this process enables the fragmentation, separation and crushing of end-of-life products and production waste that would otherwise be scrapped. The recovery rate is high, and materials recovered in this way retain their original properties.
Xcrusher provides manufacturers with material separation solutions that allow them to recycle and recover their by-products and/or production waste.
The Xcrusher process has a very broad field of application. Tests have been successfully carried out in applications as varied as the extraction of diamonds from Kimberlite, the separation of glass and plastic from vehicle windscreens, the separation of metals and plastics from electronic circuits, the separation of iron from concrete, and the recovery of gold and other metals from ores.
Xcrusher meets all the relevant machine compliance requirements and all applicable directives.


Some examples of

Oriented fibre and a sublimated resin

Shock wave separation of sand and tar without a litre of wasted water

Contactless grinding

Contactless grinding in a confined environment

Recovery of glass fibres made possible

Recovery of metals from PCBs without incineration

Recovery of metals from PCBs without incineration